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Banner advertisements and the Google Adsense program:

We no longer place banner advertisements on our pages but we offer all companies the opportunity to place a business logo above their business name - see below. We also provide a full width column for business images within each listing as well as placeholders for association logos and download links for .pdf and other files. We also, accept 120px wide advertisements for placement on our main category breakdown pages - as shown in the panel on the left. These images have a clickthru to the full company listing on our site or their own website.

Google Adsense Program: We subscribe to the Google Adsense program and on pages that illustrate the category breakdown structure (over 1000 categories) a panel like the one opposite will be shown. If your business has subscribed to the Google Adsense program but is not listed in our directory a link to it may appear in one of the four panel entries when the appropriate category section is opened.

These Google insertions change regularly, however, according to keyword preferences and bidding. We therefore urge ALL businesses in the building industry to place their own advertisement with in multiple categories. You can then be assured your advertisment will be found in our directory.

Important note:These Google adsense panels NEVER appear on the same page as any individual detailed business advertisment. Every business advertisement on our site has its own unique page.


Example of a wide company logo:

New World Timber frame business logo

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