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Advertisement update and maintenance:

We are planning to provide a secure on-line update facility for all existing holders of any form of classification advertisement. This will require advertisers to login in using a secure password and account reference number. When successfully logged in the user will be able to edit the data held by us, add new features, upload new or changed images and select any new features provided since the advertisment was last updated or placed. For those users who have no account number and password we will provide a request form and your new login details will be sent to your chosen email address. These facilities will be provided free of charge though new advertisement features may carry additional charges. These features can be paid for on-line through WorldPay as now; or we can take your credit card details and process these for you using our secure WorldAccess system.

At present we ask users to telephone us on 01380 724852 with any changes or email us using our contact form.

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