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The pressure on building Green Low Energy Homes is set to increase and consultation is now taking place on new Building Regulations for the period up to 2013 which will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of new homes. For more information on this visit the Government's Planning Portal. In April 2007 the 'Code for Sustainable Homes' was launched providing a 0-6 star rating. Any home developer can choose to be assessed against this code which may become a mandatory requirement in future.

Renewable & Green Energy Systems is now a major section of this website. The UK Government and others are expected to initiate major energy saving and greening policies within 2008 leading to very aggressive targets for green energy supply (15-20% of UK requirements by 2020). The UN has also begun a major political offensive to encourage all countries to do more to stave off global warming which is now thought to be inevitable.

The UK Government's Low Carbon Building Programme was launched in April 2006 to replace the earlier DTI Clear Skies and Solar PV grant schemes. The DTI say "The programme will demonstrate how energy efficiency and microgeneration can work hand in hand to create low carbon buildings". The first phase of the programme covering private householders and business is being managed by the Energy Saving Trust. The second phase of the programme is being managed by BRE.

A range of microgeneration technologies has been included in this programme including:

This section of the masterbuildersonline website is now being developed to cover these technologies as well as energy management and insulation methods in buildings. It will also link to suppliers in our directory who are using new energy technology such as solar power and wind power.

This section is covered by Part F (Ventilation), Part J (Combustion appliances and fuel storage), and Part L of the Building Regulations. Part L1 deals with new dwelling houses and Part L2 deals with new buildings other than dwellings. These Regulations were amended in 2006 . It is now a requirement, for example, to have replacement windows and external doors replaced by an accredited installer who ensures compliance with the energy saving policies embedded in these regulations. Local Planners have authority to require remedial works if new installations do not comply.

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