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What we do

SADEV is the expert in point fixed glass. Whether it is for building interiors or exteriors, a wide range of fitting systems is on offer.

Flagship products for interior design are sliding and pivoting doors systems, railings and hand railings, handles for glass doors, hydraulic hinges and fittings adapted for showers. Fittings provided for the building envelope are spiders, rotules or swivel fittings, fixed bolts, tension rods, canopies and even a glass façade kit. It is also possible, thanks to an efficient design office, to manufacture customized parts, whenever your project’s constraints require it.

Product descriptions

MEDIUM systems for sliding glass doors (kits for sliding doors)

The SADEV system for sliding doors has met with great success. It is both aesthetic and offers good value for money. The rail is not bored but rather clamped; the system offers adjustment flexibility for easy installation. The range is wide to adapt to your project: for single doors, double doors, with or without transoms.

MEDIUM sliding systems can carry the weight of glass doors up to 80 kg. Available in kits. Handles and locks optional. Material: 304 stainless steel. Finish: glass bead or brushed.

STRONG systems for sliding glass doors

This design of sliding system is able to bear a glass panel weight up to 150kg. Therefore it is particularly adapted for public premises which have high doors and regular customer traffic. Standard glass thickness can be 8 to 15 mm.

This system can be applied on wall, on glass, with or without transom panel for a single or dual door. Thanks to its anti-jump device, the door remains stable. With vertical and horizontal adjustments installation is easy. Finishes available: glass bead or brushed. Good value for money.

Slab nose railing 50 mm : Transparency and security

These mural attachment railings will meet your requirements from an aesthetic point of view to showcase the glass panels (no posts). Each panel can carry up to 150 kg.
Numerous adjustments are possible to make mounting easy: depth adjustment, horizontal and vertical adjustments. The response to today’s architectural and technical requirements, in total safety!
Officially tested and valid for public building’s installation according to demanding French standards and the French envelope product’s lab.

Stainless steel handles for glass doors

SADEV offers a wide range of 304 stainless steel handles with a finish choice between glass bead or brushed: free hole, knob handle, back to back, single or dual, with or without integrated locks, bottom and/or top locking…an aesthetic and strong solution for your project. Diameters available from 20 to 40 mm. Maximum height: 2m for standard parts.
« American turret available for some handles »

Biloba: The new hydraulic hinge

This system for pivoting doors does not require any floor break. The hinge incorporates the door closer in a design and reduced shape. Different versions available: central plate, offset fixing plate, glass-glass, for doors with a stop. Installation = 15 min maximum. The hinge can be installed on the glass before transportation to site. You can even make changes after door mounting. Keeps the same functionality in pushing and pulling. Positions of standby at +90° and -90° without any manual intervention. Maximum door weight = 100kg for a glass thickness between 8 and 12 mm.

It can be used for wet rooms. System patented and tested for 1 million cycles. Finish: polished chromed brass or satin chromed brass

The SADEV canopy system

A facade’s Signature and a sign of welcome, awnings are back in style … The lightness of glass dresses in style any type of entrance. The system enables the awning to be attached using various anchoring points on the glass. Several models exist depending on the number of glass panels, attachment points, slope, and possible water removal installations. The attachment parts are in stainless steel AISI 16. The glass panels can be convex, straight or rounded.

S3000: design and high-performances for this SADEV flagship spider fitting

Innovative design and great technical performance would best describe this spider fitting for point fixed glass. Designed by a famous Italian architect Cesare Monti, the smooth curves of S3000 are perfectly suited to modern and trendy glass buildings. Its mechanical performance are remarkable as it can bear up to 434 kg on each carrying points. This part is made of AISI 316 – dull polished GR400. Configurations available from 1 to 4 arms. Omega available to allow horizontal and vertical adjustments of this system. SADEV spiders answer to high requirements of French technical assessments. 

Applications: façade, glass roof, etc.

SADEV Façade Concept (glass façade turnkey solution)

SAFCO is a simple solution for the construction of your glass façade as a 1st or 2nd building envelope. The system includes aluminium posts as well as lower and upper brackets to anchor the posts to the building main structure. Depending on your aesthetic and technical criteria, we select the models of hardware, bolts and spiders that suit your project best.
SADEV will then provide the drawings for the façade, material take off and deliver the entire package ready to install.
The installation of SAFCO façade offers high-performance thermal and acoustical insulation.
Possibility to integrate sunshades.

A safe and efficient system with competitive prices.

SADEV rotules fittings for glass facades

SADEV provides a wide range of articulated fittings, mainly used for vertical facades, roof, canopies, guardrails, sloped glazing or interior design. This system for point fixed glass can be installed on monolithic, laminated or insulating glass. Made of 316L stainless steel, the rotules are very resistant. All these SADEV parts answer to high requirements of a French technical evaluation document. The rotule is made to be used with the spider in order to recover the loads and the deformations of the glass. Maximum angular displacement = 40°. Glass drilling can be countersunk or cylindrical. Available with silicone cover. “Blind access” mounting possibility. Standard swivel body is Ø60. Other dimensions on request.

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