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What services does provide? is an e-commerce site dedicated solely to the UK building industry and all its associated activities. Its mission is to create a marketplace for information exchange, materials sourcing, contract and service providers and industry news. It also has links to a wide range of external web sites. This site is a gateway to almost every aspect of the building industry.

Who can use's services?

Anybody can access and use's public services.

How much does it cost to register?

Our basic listings are all FREE. But these just show address and telephone details and provide for listing in only 3 categories.

A much better solutions is our Premium Listing. This includes information such as website links, business or project images, logos, a full company description, Trade Association memberships and listings in up to 32 (or more if requested) categories. We also provide for downloadable .pdf and video files. In this way a company can create a full page advertising feature with far more impact - and because of the much larger number of categories it will be selected far more frequently.

Our Premium Listing costs just £40 for a full year. See all its features here.

Can I register multiple branches?

Yes. We offer a 15% discount for multiple listings up to 30 branches. For companies with more than 30 outlets we offer package pricing and a special service that includes data maintenance and unlimited categorisation - we now have over 1000 categories of product and service. Please contact us for details or telephone us on 01672 871531.

How do I update my listing?

We are planning to provide a secure on-line update facility for all existing holders of any form of classification advertisement. This will require advertisers to login in using a secure password and account reference number. When successfully logged in the user will be able to edit the data held by us, add new features, upload new or changed images and select any new features provided since the advertisment was last updated or placed. For those users who have no account number and password we will provide a request form and your new login details will be sent to your chosen email address. These facilities will be provided free of charge though some new advertisement features may carry additional charges. These features can be paid for on-line through WorldPay as now; or we can take your credit card details and process these for you using our secure WorldAccess system. Alternatively we offer PayPal and email a paid VAT invoice to the purchaser's business address.

We take data security very seriously so at present every new listing on our database is manually checked before it is uploaded. If any changes are then requested we make them for you and then check back with you to ensure everything is correct.

For the time being, if you want to make any change there is no charge - but we ask you to use our contact form to make the change requests. If this involves new images or downloadable files we will contact you by return. We are using this method to prevent unauthorised database access or "spoofing" that could compromise your listing and to ensure images or downloads could not contain damaging hidden code.


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