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Q1: Is financially linked to any suppliers? No. Masterbuildersonline guarantees it has NO preferential connection with any potential suppliers beyond the fact that they have paid for an advertisement on the web site and have confirmed they wish to be included in our brokerage database.
Q2: Why use this brokerage service? Because we can save you time, money and provide you with a list of potential suppliers to compare prices and service. Your usual local suppliers may no longer be as competitive as you think!
Q3: How do I obtain RFQ's from potential suppliers?

Purchasers wishing to buy a product or service for delivery in a specific area contact us (mbo) to ask us to help locate potential suppliers.

We obtain basic information about their requirements including job size, timing and any special requirements

We then contact companies within our extended database to see if they would like the opportunity to quote for the job. If they are interested we give them a brokerage reference number and the name of the potential purchaser.

We then send a list of potential suppliers to the purchaser with full contact details and request him to contact people on the list using our reference number. It is then up to the purchaser to provide the supplier with his exact requirements and request a quotation in the normal way.

Q4: How much does it cost? We charge the PURCHASER a standard rate of 1% of the contract value as a "finders fee". The supplier is not normally charged unless we have to carry out specific investigations with the potential purchaser. This implies the job is highly specialised. In cases where a requirement is likely to be ongoing or several small jobs are involved we will charge a fixed fee (as little as £50).
Q5: How long does it take? Normally we would return to you within 24 hours. We ALWAYS ask the potential suppliers if they want you to contact them and carry out an initial "match" against your needs. Some companies only work on large or commercial works and others prefer small contracts within say 25 miles. This provides you with a list of potential suppliers who should not waste your time.
Q6: Do I have to pay in advance? No. If you do not use any of the suppliers there is no charge.
Q7: What are your terms See our terms here

This section covers materials and building services procurement by under an agency or brokerage agreement. Terms: Our terms are currently being revised. In the meantime please contact us on 01380 724852.

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